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220V 20A DC Motor Controller 220DR20AL

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Product information

180V 20A DC Motor Controller 220DR20AL

MMT-220DR serial DC motor drive adopts SCR chopper, which has unique trigger mode, thus
making it more accurate and reliable. The drive is the update speed regulation product which
develops and produces in combination with the international standard requirements and absorbs
advanced technology experience. The drive has high performance-cost ratio because of its
excellent performance and reliable quality. (It can reach high speed ratio even when at non-speed
feedback) It is above average in DC motor drive field. Currently, the serial products have been
exported to many countries and widely used in fields of domestic plastics machinery, food
machinery, cable equipment, mechanical processing, papermaking, printing, experimental
equipment, laboratory equipment, mixing equipment and so on.

Product Features
1. SMT technology Small volume
2. Applicable to permanent-magnet, separate excitation DC motor and DC torque motor
3. Dual closed loop PI adjustment (Current and Voltage)
4. Current setting and current limiting protection
5. The speed control mode and expansive force control mode are selectable.
6. Large torque for low-speed start-up.
7. Quick stop function
8. Upper limit and Low limit can be set up to different need
9. ACCEL and DECEL function
10. Standard signal interface0 — 5V or 10K potentiometer
11. Can realize remote start and stop, Fine following performance; immediate dynamic response
12. A wide speed-regulating range (0 - max).
13. Strong mechanical features, static voltage error 1%
14. A rapid dynamic response process.( adjustable)
15. Automatic and smooth transition process during acceleration or deceleration.
16. Good excavator features, can automatically overload current limit on the current settings.
17. High reliability, compact structure and highly cost-effective.

Main Parameters
1. AC Input Voltage : 110V / 220V±10﹪。
2. AC Frequency (Hz):-50/60
3. Output voltage DC: 0~90V 0-110V 0-160V 0-180V 0-220V (Can be set)
3. Rated Armature current: ﹙DC100V or 200V﹚ 3A
4. Rated output current: 20A
5. Speed adjust ratio: 1:100
6. Output voltage accuracy: ≤0.1﹪
7. Ambient temperature :10℃- +60℃ :
8. Ambient Humidity: Relative Humidity≤80RH.( Below dew point)

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