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24v 36v 48v Bldc Motor Controller 15A

This bldc controller is applicable to BLDC motor, brushless dc motor, hub motor.
  • DC10/50DPW15BL
  • Keya
  • DC10/50DPW15BL

factory wholesales brushless speed controller 12V 24V 36V 48V bldc motor driver 15A

1. Applicable to BLDC motor, brushless dc motor, hub motor

2. This controller has three manners of working: speed control, current control and open-loop control.

3. Control functions of braking, direction, enable, first-magnification, dual speed setting, etc. can be realized.

4. Maximum current limit can be adjusted.

5. 0-5V signal control way for external potentiometer, interior potentiometer and external analog quantity and soft start function.

6. Time setting function for soft start.

7. Over current protection function

8. Overheating protection function

When the temperature is too high, the speed controller will stop outputting and provide better safety for the moter and the speed controller.

9. High-speed control that full speed of one pole pair motor can reach 120000RPM
Details refer to relevant contents.

Specification for DC10/50DPW15BL
Input voltage range  DC10-50V
Max output current  15A
Output voltage  DC10-50V
Operating mode  Speed mode, Torque mode
Control ways  0-5V, PWM, Potentiometer
Protection  Abnormalitise like over current, overheating, over voltage, less voltage and short circuit will start the protection function.
Temperature protection  When the temperature is 70℃, the controller will reduce output by overheating protection and stop output.
Invironment Temperature  -10℃ --  +60℃
Ambient humidity  Relative humidity less than 80RH
Size  L*W*H = 122*72*35 mm
Weight  300g

10-50DPW15BL product details

factory wholesales brushless speed controller 12V 24V 36V 48V bldc motor driver 15A

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Connect drawing

connect drawing

  • IN- external connection with power negative pole.

  • IN+ external connection with power positive pole.

  • MC motor winding C phase.

  • MB motor winding B phase.

  • MA motor winding A phase.

  • HC motor HALL C phase.

  • HB motor HALL B phase.

  • HA motor HALL A phase.

  • V HALL power positive pole, and HALL power voltage range:7—12VDC.

  • GND 0V of hall

  • EN Enable.

  • DIR direction selection.

  • BRAKE.

  • SEL assisted selection. ON for dial switch, the foot output is +5V conjunction with terminal 10 foot (GND) and  foot(SV IN); while OFF for it, directed at two kinds of speed control ways as input port.

  • SV IN 0 -- +5V analog quantity input port conjunction with 10 foot (GND) and 14 foot (SEL).


Brake connection

BRAKE: braking control terminal
Braking control terminal: in case of realizing rapid stop of the motor, select this control function.
The moment close braking switch, driver will quickly brake for motor to stop.

DIR: direction control terminal
Motor rotation direction control: control motor rotation direction through on/off of direction control switch.

EN: enable control terminal
Enable control: control start-stop of the bldc motor
On for enable switch, driver will automatically lock interior circuit to stop output;
Off for enable switch, motor will run at the setting value of potentiometer or input signal.

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