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24v 48v Dual Channel Servo Driver 48v 150a

24v 48v Dual Channel Servo Driver 48v 150a, find complete details about 24v 48v Dual Channel Servo Driver 48v 150a, dual channel servo driver, low voltage servo driver, 48v servo driver for pmsm motor - Jinan Keya Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd
  • KYDAS48150-2E
  • Keya
  • KYDAS48150-2E

This dual channel servo driver is suitable for driving permanent magnet synchronous servo motor and low voltage AC servo motor. this dual channel servo driver can control the motor speed, motor position and motor torque. It support many control ways, RS232 communicate control, CAN communicate protocol control, RC (Remote control), PWM, 0-2.5V-5V, 0-5V analog signal control.

1. Technical Index

Applicable motor: 48V 3KW, 48V 4KW, bldc motor, pmsm motor, servo motor

Current: continuous current 80A per channel, maximum peak current 150A (factory setting), the peak current can reach 250A.

Voltage: 48VDC, the standard voltage is 48V, if you need 24V, please advise in advance.

Working mode: Speed mode, torque mode (customized), position mode(customized)

Feedback components: Incremental encoder (General product), Hall sensor (Custom-made, and we should debug the controller with your motor together.)

Control port: RS232, CAN 2.0, RC (Radio, model signal, remote control), 0-5V analog voltage, single-ended analog voltage (potentiometer).

External start and stop control.

Brake energy recovery function.

Fault LED indication.

It can be controlled by CAN 2.0, RS232 for parameter reading and monitoring.

Motor speed control and data reading through RS232.

Drive internal temperature monitoring.

Overcurrent and overload delay protection. Overvoltage and undervoltage protection.

Temperature protection.

Blocking and flying protection.

Motor short circuit protection.

2. Technical parameter

Parameter Label Parameter value
Voltage U 30-60 VDC
Max continuous current Ic 80 A
Max peak current Imax 250A(factory setting is 150A, 3s overcurrent protection) A
PWM switching frequency fpwm 12 KHz
Output encoder power supply +5Vout 5 VDC
Icc 100 mA
Encoder input Signal property 5V differential drive
fmax 200 KHz
Analog signal voltage
0-5 V
RC signal control cycle 1.5ms motor stop
1.5ms-2ms motor forward
1.5ms-1ms motor reverse
Communication port RS232 115200 bps
CAN(self-defined) 250 Kbps
Undervoltage protection Vu

30V (48V version)

18V (24V version)

Overvoltage protection Vo

60V (48V version)

30V (24V version)

Temperature rise T
75A 30min≤35K
Operating temperature Industrial grade -25 --- +55
Military grade -45 --- +55


The dual channel Connect terminal definition

Power supply +
Power supply -
BLDC Motor 1 U
BLDC Motor 1 V
BLDC Motor 1 W
BLDC Motor 2 U
BLDC Motor 2 V
BLDC Motor 2 W

Hall and Encoder definition

Hall and encoder definition

Control port definition

Control port defination

This driver be widly used in heavy agv, heavy automatic guided vehicle, tracked vehicle chassis, industrial robot chassis, robotic chassis, industrial robot platform, tank robot chassis etc.

dual channel servo driver application

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