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Dual Channel Brushed DC Motor Controller 24V 20A

Dual Channel Brushed DC Motor Controller 24V 20A, find complete details about Dual Channel Brushed DC Motor Controller 24V 20A, Dual Channal dc controller, RC control speed, Joystick control motor speed - Jinan Keya Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd
  • KYDS2420-2E
  • Keya
  • KYDS2420-2E

Product information

Dual Channal Intelligent Brushed DC Motor Controller

MMT-KYDS2420-2E is a kind of intelligent dc bi-motor controller.The controller using a high-performance MCU, using the advanced motion control algorithms, coordinate external quadrature encoder input to complete the motor sport of open loop and closed loop speed, closed loop position mode.It can be widely used in robot driving,  small vehicles driving such as automation.
Specification and Model:
Model    Max Output Current DC:(A)    Max Output Current
DC : (V)    Range
KYDS2420-2E    20    24    12~50

Product Features
Two independent output end.
Wide input voltage range
Intelligent PID control loop
Various work mode:dual-motor independent control, dual-motor hybrid control (for tanks rotary), open loop control, closed loop speed control, closed loop torque control.
External potentiometer,External 0-5V DC Analog
Full forward & reverse control on each channel. Four quadrant operation. Supports regeneration
Emergency braking control function
Max current limit
Protections started under abnormal conditions: Over-current, over-heat, over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit, etc
LED fault alarm status indicator, fault alarm output.
IV. Performance index:
1.Supply voltage: 12—48VDC
2.Dual channel max current:20A dual channel rated current:12A
3.Power supply (can be supplied to encoder): +5V DC  20mA
4.Input range of Analog quantity: 0-- 5VDC
5.Impulse input range: 500Hz—5000Hz (corresponding maximum speed)
6.PWM The pulse width of input range:250Hz-1KHZ Typical value:250HZ
duty cycle:0%-100%,voltage amplitude values:5V
7.RC signal (a PWM signal: RC remote control receiver output signal)
8.Digital output interface: 2 road, open drain, maximum load capacity of 40 V 1 A.
9.Temperature protection status: When the temperature is 70℃, the controller will reduce output by overheating protection and will stop output when the temperature is 80℃.
10.Working temperature: -25℃-- +60℃.
11.Ambient humidity: Relative humidity≤80RH.
12.Boundary dimension: L * W * H = 90mm * 75mm * 35mm

KYDS2420-2E connect

Description of connection terminals:
IN+  IN-: Connecting dc power input end    
M1+  M1-: Motor 1 power cable
M2+  M2-: Motor 2 power cable

Control port, Adopts standard DR15 bus seat.


Definitaion in Open loop mode (Factory setting) as below:

DR09 deifination

Defination in close loop mode (custom-made)

If you need close loop mode, please adivse your motor rated voltage, power, speed, poles quantity, encoder ppr.

close loop

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