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Precision Ag Automatic Steering Motor for Agricultural Machinery Auto Driving System

precision ag automatic steering motor for agricultural machinery auto driving system, find complete details about precision ag automatic steering motor for agricultural machinery auto driving system, automatic steering motor, precision ag automatic steering motor, steering motor for auto steering system - Jinan Keya Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd
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Control signal:
Rate speed:
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Peak torque:
  • KY170DD01005-08
  • KEYA
  • KY70DD01005-08

The development of direct-drive servo motors for steering wheels was mainly targeted at precision agricultural machinery. It can complete agricultural machinery operations, achieve precise positioning, improve agricultural productivity, effectively use agricultural resources, and protect the ecological environment. This is an effective way to achieve high-quality, high-yield, low-consumption, and sustainable environmentally-friendly agriculture. It can achieve fast, efficient, high-precision and automated operations on large areas of arable land. It is mainly used in multiple production links of land production, pesticide sowing, harvesting and spraying, which greatly improves production efficiency and land use.

automatic steering motor

Product name Automatic steering motor
Application Self-driving tractor, automatic driving system, Agri-vehicles, Precision agriculture
Voltage DC12-24V, factory setting is 12V
Rated torque 7N.m
Peak torque 16N.m
Rated speed 80rpm - 100rpm, adjustable
Control signal RS232, CAN2.0
Feedback Incremental Encoder
Protection grade IP55
Weight 4.5KG

Extremely high running accuracy

This machine adopts sine wave, vector control and high-precision magnetic encoder, with high control precision, which can ensure that the vehicle can walk within the error range of ± 2cm.

Good control line performance

The torque of the direct drive servo motor increases in proportion to the input current and does not change with speed and angular position. The relationship between torque and current is linear. Multi-pole structure design, low motor torque ripple coefficient, stable operation, can effectively reduce the "S" curve amplitude when the vehicle is going straight

Powerful acceleration and deceleration capabilities

The direct drive design of the servo motor enables gearless transmission. The ratio of torque to inertia on the load shaft is much better than gear transmission, which greatly improves the acceleration capability of the system, and greatly improves the ability to go online quickly in applications and the ability to correct errors under high-speed vehicle operation

Not easily deformed

The direct drive motor is mounted directly on the load shaft. No gear gap, no elastic deformation, high transmission efficiency, good rigidity, etc., suitable for steering wheel control characteristics. While ensuring high torque, it is also convenient for human emergency operation

Faster response time

The mechanical constant and electrical time constant of the direct drive servo motor are small, which ensures fast response in applications under a wide range of operating speeds, greatly improving the sensitivity of the system and improving the straight line of operation.

precision ag automatic steering motor

Interface Definition

Power input +
Power input -

Pure servo sine wave design improves the smooth running performance and response speed of the motor. Mechanical gear encoder, all-plastic sealed read head, no Hall design, improve protection level and stability, and reduce motor failures caused by encoder errors, position shift and other reasons. Low speed and large torque, ditches and other complex farmland environments can effectively correct and control the driving direction to ensure that the driving direction does not deviate from the track. Simple installation and commissioning, can be used for all models and ground conditions.

tractor automatic driving system

precision agriculture

Note: most of our customers are in Navigation business line, we share the communicate protocol, and provide the motors to them, they provide the complete auto steering system (including auto steering motor, install parts, steering wheel, display screen, Beidou navigation/GNSS, auto driving controller) to the tractor manufacturer.

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