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Auto steering device steering wheel for precision agriculture

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This auto steering device as the actuator of high-precision servo system. It built in FOC control device. It is suitable for low speed, high torque and compact installations.

The motor uses aerial plug-in sockets, and the wiring is simple, reliable and fast.

The steering wheel suppot RS232, CAN bus control.

It has high compatibility and convenient control.

The feedback uses a high-resolution all-plastic encapsulated magnetic encoder, well-protected and stable-running mechanical.

steering wheel for precision agriculture

Application meaning

1. The development of direct-drive servo motors for steering wheels, it was mainly targeted at precision agricultural machinery.

2. It can complete agricultural machinery operations, achieve precise positioning, improve agricultural productivity, effectively use agricultural resources, and protect the ecological environment.

3. This is an effective way to achieve high-quality, high-yield, low-consumption, and sustainable environmentally-friendly agriculture.

4. It can achieve fast, efficient, high-precision and automated operations on large areas of arable land. It is mainly used in multiple production links of land production, pesticide sowing, harvesting and spraying, which greatly improves production efficiency and land use.

precision agriculture

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