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220V Brushless DC Motor Controller 10A 220DPW10AL-SX

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Product information

220V Brushless DC Motor Controller

DBLS series brushless motor drive is a new type of Brushless DC motor speed control field which is
developed independently in the field of modern industrial automation. It is composed of a series of
advantages, such as high integration, small size, perfect protection, high reliability, and high reliability.
The main function of the drive is as follows:
● Choose a variety of speed adjustable, including input voltage setting, drive’s internal speed setting,
communication interface setting etc.
● Complete isolation of electric supply, and Hall signal interface, guarantee of security.
● Digital display panel, abundant display content settings, abundant feature setting.
● The drive device of automatic protection, automatic control of current, with undervoltage and
overvoltage, blocking and hall fault lamp protection function.
● The standard series can provide 2 times or even higher short-term overload current, different
products with different supply.
● It can be equipped with various types of Brushless DC motors, the power range from 200W to
3000W, currently contains 4 models:
ModelPower(W)Rated motor’s current
( not current ofinput 220V)
Max. input peak current
(in 220VAC input)
DBLS-04-H0.4 kW2A3A
DBLS-08-H0.75 kW3.5A4A
DBLS-091. 5kW6A8A
DBLS-303 kW12A15A

Product features:
1. system characteristics:
Use temperature 0~+45 C
Save temperature -20~+85 C
The use and preservation of humidity <85% [no frosting conditions]
Structure of wall hanging box

2. basic characteristics
Cooling mode: radiator mode
Control input and output signal: total isolation
Protection: over current, over voltage, over voltage, overheated, over speed, under voltage and control
power abnormal.
Panel interface: 6 bit LED display 4 bit key operation
Input power 50/60Hz AC180/250VAC