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4.0-Autosteer Motor Software.rar Matched motor: KY170DD01005-08F version two, for cerea system 1.76MB 595 2024-07-09 Download
KEYA Servo Motor and Driver Catalog 2024.pdf 38.08MB 616 2024-05-25 Download
Keya autopilot motor configuration tool V5.8.rar 2.16MB 125 2024-04-18 Download
RS232 to USB cable driver PL23XX.rar RS232 to USB cable driver 5.82MB 110 2024-03-11 Download
V4.3 - KYDAS software.rar Matched Controller: KYDAS series products 1.71MB 523 2024-01-25 Download
DC & BLDC & SERVO Controller Catalog.pdf If you want check all of our drivers, it is a good option to vew this file. 666KB 867 2021-05-21 Download
single channel software V1.4.1.rar Matched controller: KYDBL4815-1E, KYDBL4830-1E, KYDBL4850-1E, KYDBL4875-1E 1.85MB 752 2021-04-25 Download
dual channel software V1.5.rar Matchable controller: KYDBL4830-2E, KYDBL4850-2E, KYDBL4875-2E, KYDS2420-2E 1.86MB 990 2021-03-05 Download
Keya monitor software user manual.pdf User manual of Keya monitor software for the motor controllers. 792KB 1431 2020-08-26 Download
KYDBL48150-1E - software.rar Matched controller: KYDBL48150-1E, after 2019 1.99MB 926 2020-08-26 Download
Commix 1.4- Commix series debug tools.rar Help test the RS232 communicate of motor controller KYDBLXXXXX 192KB 1072 2020-08-26 Download
Company profile: Jinan Keya Electron Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2003. we are a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development, production and sales of various DC servo motors and DC servo drives.


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