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  • Keya Autopilot Motor is successfully installed on Agricultural Sprayer

    In the past June, Keya autopilot motor has successfully extended its application in the field of guidance system for precision agriculture. One of customers in Mexico bought a 2nd generation autopilot motor and all necessary installation kit directly from Keya and used it on his sprayer for crops. T

  • Iranian Guests Visited Keya

    On August 23rd, Mr. HAJI ESFANDIARI and Mr. SAMADINEJAD, Iranian customers, visited the headquarters of Keya in Jinan. This is the second visit to Keya after nearly five years. Although it has been almost 5 years since the last meeting, HAJI ESFANDIARI recognized Keya's boss, General Manager Wang Ji

  • Automatic steering wheel motor for driverless tractor

    This automatic steering wheel motor input voltage is DC 9-30V, rated torque 10N.m, control signal is RS232, CAN open, be widely used in agricultural autosteering system, driverless tractor, agricultural machinery automatic driving system, self driving robot tractor.

  • RS232 Communicate command of the motor for tractor auto steering system

    In recent years, tractor automatic driving systems have become more and more popular in China, and are currently mainly concentrated in western and northern China.

  • How Install The Automatic Steering Motor To Agricultural Vehicle Auto Pilot System

    Our steering wheel motors for tractor auto pilot system are recognized by more and more customers, and the production department is in full swing. After seeing the motor, many customers will consult how to install the motor into the autopilot system. Today I will provide you with a video, I hope thi

  • 48v 72v 5kw 6kw 7.5kw 10kw High Power Servo Motor For Heavy AGV

    June is coming. Under the hard work of our engineers day and night, our motor family is about to welcome new members - high power servo motor for Heavy AGV.We have once again increased the product power. This time the servo motor is very big, the motor frame is 200x200mm, and the motor power there a

  • 48v 3kw Servo Motor Driver Dual Channel

    This 48v 3kw Servo Motor Driver Dual Channel can control two motors at same time, and it can control the motor speed and position,

  • How set the automatic steering motor configuration

    In 2020, the automatic steering motor received very good market feedback. After several updates, this motor has now received a large number of orders. When the customers receive the automatic steering motor for the first time, some customers need to modify the automatic steering motor parameters due to the needs of the use occasion. Today we will briefly talk about how to modify the product parameters:

  • How install the auto steering wheel motor to the tractor

    This auto steering wheel motor is independently researched and developed by our company. It has a built-in driver and can accept RS232 and CAN signals. It is a good match for agricultural navigation systems. At present, our customers are mainly concentrated in China. In addition, there are sample orders from many other countries. They are all testing samples and have received applications from several agents.

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