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24v 36v 48v Bldc Motor Driver 30A

This bldc controller is applicable to BLDC motor, brushless dc motor, hub motor.
  • DC10/50DPW30BL

  • Keya

  • DC10/50DPW30BL

I: Features:

  • This controller has three manners of working: speed control, current control and open-loop control.

  • Control functions of braking, direction, enable, first-magnification, dual speed setting, etc. can be realized.

  • Maximum current limit can be adjusted.

  • 0-5V signal control way for external potentiometer, interior potentiometer and external analog quantity and soft start function.

  • Time setting function for soft start.

  • Overcurrent protection function

  • Overheating protection function

    When the temperature is too high, the speed controller will stop outputting and provide better safety for the moter and the speed controller.

  • High-speed control that full speed of one pole pair motor can reach 120000RPM

      Details refer to relevant contents.

II: Performance Index:

1.Power supply voltage VCC: 10—50VDC (error <5% is better).

2.Maximum output voltage: Vout=0.95 X VCC.

3.Maximum output current: 30A.

4.Switching frequency: 39KHz.

5.Maximum speed (one pole pair motor): 120, 000rpm.

6.Hall power supply voltage range: 7—12VDC  maximum output current is 30mA.

7.Locked-rotor protection time: 1.5 seconds.

8.Ambient temperature:

Working: -10-- +450C     Storage: -20-- +600C

Ambient humidity range: 20—80%

9.Analog quantity output: 0-- +5VDC.

10.Soft start time: 20ms—10S.

11.Regulation voltage of external potentiometer : 0--+5V  potentiometer (10KΩ/2W).

12.12. Overall dimension(including radiator):   127*48*92mm.

13.Weight: approximate 600g.

Specification and model:


Maximum Output current

DC : (A)

Maximum Output voltage

DC: (V)

Direct voltage Working range DC: (V)
DC10/50DPW30BL 30 10-50 10-50(95%)


VI: Wiring instruction on driver's terminals and schematic drawing of terminal functions: see Figure 2


Terminal 1:IN+ external connection with power positive pole.

Terminal 2:IN- external connection with power negative pole.

Terminal 3:MC motor winding C phase.

Terminal 4:MB motor winding B phase.

Terminal 5:MA motor winding A phase.

Terminal 6:HC motor HALL C phase.

Terminal 7:HB motor HALL B phase.

Terminal 8:HA motor HALL A phase.

Terminal 9:V HALL power positive pole, and HALL power voltage range:7—12VDC.

Terminal10:GND HALL area (common area).

Terminal11:EN Enable.

Terminal12:DIR direction selection.


Terminal14:SEL assisted selection. ON for dial switch, the foot output is +5V conjunction with terminal 10 foot (GND) and terminal 15 foot(SV IN); while OFF for it, directed at two kinds of speed control ways as input port.

Terminal15:SV IN 0 -- +5V analog quantity input port conjunction with 10 foot(GND) and 14 foot (SEL).