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How install the tractor autopilot motor

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This tractor autopilot motor has a built-in driver, it can accept RS232 and CAN communciate control, and it has two working modes for your choice: speed mode and postion mode. the autopilot motor have 48000ppr encoder, the runing accuracy is ±2cm. It is a good match for agricultural navigation systems. The autopilot motor drive system is independently researched and developed by our company. At present, our customers are mainly concentrated in China. In addition, there are sample orders from many other countries. They are all testing samples and have received applications from several agents.

auto steering wheel motor

After seeing this electric steering wheel motor, many customers do not know how to install it on the tractor. Today we will briefly talk about the accessories needed for installation.

Installation will require three accessories, spline to connect to tractor steering shaft, rigid mounting brackets, steering wheel with with matching mounting holes, please see the following picture:

auto steering wheel motor

Since the size of the steering shaft of each tractor is different, these installation accessories need to be customized according to the size of the steering shaft. The picture is as follows:

install the electric wheel motor to the tractor

We uploaded a video via Youtube to demonstrate the installation steps. If you are interested, you can watch it through the following link:


If you need any help on the auto steering wheel motor, please contact us freely, support email: sales@jnky.com

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