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How set the automatic steering motor configuration

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In 2020, the automatic steering motor received very good market feedback. After several updates, this motor has now received a large number of orders. When the customers receive the automatic steering motor for the first time, some customers need to modify the automatic steering motor parameters due to the needs of the use occasion. Today we will briefly talk about how to modify the product parameters:

auto steering wheel motor

1. The Software Description

1.1 Configuration instructions

Servo controller parameters can be set by the software.

The software communicates with the control through RS232, and the baud rate is 115200bit.

The software is developed under the .NET environment. XP systems need to have .NET 4.0 installed.

1.2 The software instructions

1.2.1 Double click the icon

automatic steering motor

1.2.2 Click “Start”, If the communication is successful, the interface will read the control parameters, while the LED on the upper left will flash green, indicating that the parameters are communicating successfully.

agricultral auto steering system

1.2.3 Open the configuration interface and click the “Connect” button in the lower left corner to establish a connection between the software and the controller.

auto steering for farming

1.2.4The RAM in the red box can be modified. The left side of the red box is the controller parameter, and the right side of the red box is the data in the E2ROM. In the correct case, the three data are consistent (equal). 

As the software data is continuously scanned, when modifying the data, modify it quickly and click the “Write” button.

auto steering for farming

1.2.5 For example, if you want modify the number of encoder lines from 48000ppr to 49000ppr, the E2 ROM data is 48000, please write 49000 in the RAM, and click “Write” button quickly. Confirm that 49000 is no longer changing. Same steps for other parameters, multiple parameters can be modified at the same time.

1.2.6 Click the "Program" button at the bottom right. Program the data in RAM to E2ROM. Note: The programming process takes 3-5 seconds.

1.2.7 The “Program” button turns red, indicating that data is being programmed. Please wait and observe the data. Untill it remind “Programed successfully”. Then the three datas(RAM, ROM, Param) in blue block are consistent, indicating that the ROM data is programed into the controller.

1.2.8 At this point, the modification of the control parameters is completed. Click the "Disconnect" button and click the "Exit" button.

1.2.9 Re-power the controller. (Note: No matter whether the configuration is modified or not, it must be powered off and reset to start normally)

1.2.10 When programming the configuration for multiple motors, you can “save a modified configuration to a file” and then “read from a file” to download to another motor.

ag auto driving system

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