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Keya Autopilot Motor is successfully installed on Agricultural Sprayer

Views: 38     Author: Keya     Publish Time: 2023-08-01      Origin: Keya

In the past June, Keya autopilot motor has successfully extended its application in the field of guidance system for precision agriculture. One of customers in Mexico bought a 2nd generation autopilot motor and all necessary installation kit directly from Keya. He used it on his sprayer for crops. Thanks to the installation video from Keya, the installation process went smooth. The customer is excited with the excellent performance of the motor on his sprayer and shared the working video with us in the first time.

Keya 2nd generation autopilot motor supports both RS232 and CAN2.0 control signals. And both control signals can work at speed mode and position mode. The Mexican customer is using RS232 command with CEREA Guidance System which is popular in Europe. Before that, Keya had many successful cases of using the autopilot motors in CEREA Guidance System. Keya Motors have been widely applied in multiple navigation systems, such as AgOpenGPS, FieldBee, Cerea and some Chinese systems.

For the being time, Keya is marketing her 3rd generation autopilot motor with more accuracy and smarter application. The motor version with absolute encoder will also announce soon. In the future, we look forward to working with more and more navigation system suppliers to serve the farmers all over the world.

Left side of Sprayer

Steering system

Steering wheel with motor


The sprayer

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